Futura 2

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Futura 2 Transfer Machine

Futura 2 is a machine which was imagined, designed and created for producing smaller batch quantities, for manufacturing work pieces, getting even more complicated, with higher quality.

The machine aims at flexibility and at extremely reduced changeover times and is moreover capable of finishing any part in one clamping operation thanks to a particular technical solution that has been developed and patented in order to allow the machine to process all six sides of a work piece in one single setting.

The machine has three stations and two operating units. The self-centering universal chucks provide rotation about 2 orthogonal axes.

The personalized, sequential programming is extremely easy and doesn’t require any training course.


Futura 2-180Futura 2-US250
X-axis stroke200 mm300 mm
Y-axis stroke300 mm350 mm
Spindle stroke180 mm250 mm
X and Y-axis rapid feed30 m/min30 m/min
Z axis rapid feed15 m/min30 m/min
Spindle power7.5 kW7.5 kW-22kW
Max. spindle speed5,000 rpm

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