Billo M1

Spindle power
spindle speed
Number of tools

Billo M1 Transfer Machine

The machine is equipped with one working unit and a self-centering chuck for universal orientation that allows to work with just one placement of the part, avoiding downtime and improving the accuracy of the finished part. The possibility to work on six faces comes from a specific chuck that, regardless the axis rotation, lock the part perfectly centered.

The operating unit allows drilling, milling, tapping and threading of any step by setting the working data through the NC; the machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer type Random up to 40 locations, with the possibility of mounting a Breaking Tool Detection System for unattended productions.


X-axis stroke200 mm300 mm300 mm
Y-axis stroke300 mm350 mm350 mm
Spindle stroke180 mm250 mm250 mm
Spindle power7.5 Kw7.5-22 Kw20 Kw
Max. spindle speed5,000 rpm14,000 rpm14,000 rpm
X and Y-axis rapid feed30 m/min60 m/min60 m/min
Z-axis rapid feed15 m/min30 m/min60 m/min

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