20 s
Min. Bar Changing Time
1000 mm
Feeding Speed per sec

Cucchi MULTI LS 6/8

The MULTI LS series, designed to meet the needs of reduction in overall dimensions, incorporates all the key features of the MULTI LS series. The technological innovation brought to the new bar pusher allows you to perform the same movements by reducing the overall dimensions of the bar loader, while maintaining the benefits in terms of flexibility and rigidity.

  • Increase in lathe productivity by up 45%
  • Reduce loading time
  • Channel guide in material resistant to wearing
  • Removal of the lathe feeding system
  • Increase of lathe capacity > Ø
  • Bar feeding in any position, also in multiple stations simultaneously
  • More compact in comparison to the Multi-L


Multi LS
Bar DiametersDepending on lathe model (Standard min Ø5mm max Ø95mm); Special Ø on demand
Bar Length3200; 3400; 3700mm (12ft) - 4300mm (14ft) - 5000mm (16ft)
Bar Rack CapacityStandard 500 – 750mm (20” – 30”); Bundle loader capacity 1,2 t (Special capacity on demand)
Bar FeedingHydraulic
Bar Change Time15 – 25 sec, depending on bar length(3m/4m)

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